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Hi, I'm Meghan, the Spoonie Mom.


Fibromyalgia completely changed my life in a good way.


After spending many years dedicated to healing myself, I decided to follow my passion to empower and support other women to feel better and to keep moving forward.


Spoonie Mom is for hope, healing, and wellness and is focused on and designed with the latest scientific research on fibromyalgia and chronic pain.


Designed by someone who understands you because she is you.


Find out more about my health journey

 About Me.

Regaining health with fibromyalgia and chronic pain requires an individualized, comprehensive program that focuses on lifestyle management.


Fewer flares, less pain, more energy, better sleep, peace, happiness, and connection.


Spoonie Mom is a ONE-STOP SHOP for fibro mom's looking to get back in the driver's seat of life. Quit letting chronic pain and fatigue control you. There IS a BETTER WAY!


Here you can find transformational tools designed specifically for women with fibromyalgia & chronic pain, including:


Free Yoga Videos 

Simple Recipes

Group & 1 - 1 Coaching  

I know how you feel, and I want you to feel better. If you are ready to take control of your health, schedule a consultation today. The first session is free!


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What's a Spoonie?

Living with a chronic illness is often hard to explain—especially one that’s not visible. Pain, depression, fatigue, anxiety, digestive problems, sensitivities, and migraines can come out of nowhere and leave us sitting on the sidelines of life or putting on a brave smile and faking the funk. It’s difficult for people to understand what they can't see and haven't felt.


Christine Miserandino, an award-winning blogger with Lupus, used a handful of spoons as units of energy to explain how every task demands a certain amount of mental, emotional, and physical energy and how quickly those with chronic illness can run out of it or wake up with a fraction of what someone normally has.  


Some days, getting out of bed, brushing hair, and even putting on clothes can be too much. This analogy and accepting how to manage my illness became my vehicle for recovery. To learn more, check out my About Me page.

Using this analogy and scientific research along with my own experience, I have created a program that works to rebuild the mind and body to decrease symptoms and increase health and wellness.

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