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Transforming Illness to Wellness Through Empowerment for Women With Fibromyalgia 

Life, love, and motherhood with invisible illness

What's a Spoonie??

Living with a chronic illness is often hard to explain—especially one that’s not visible. Pain, depression, fatigue, anxiety, digestive problems, sensitivities, migraines can come out of nowhere and leave us sitting on the sidelines of life, or putting on a brave smile and faking the funk.

It’s just not easy to explain.

Christine Miserandino, an award-winning blogger who has Lupus, used a handful of spoons to describe how every task demands energy and how quickly those who are ill can run out of it. Getting out of bed, brushing hair, and even putting on clothes can be too much some days. This analogy and accepting how to manage my illness became my vehicle to recovery. To learn more, check out my About Me page.