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Are you ready for fewer flares, less pain, more energy, and better sleep?

It's time to feel better.

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"After a decade of experience, training, and research, I created Spoonie Mom to help other women heal.

You can only truly know a path if you've walked it."

Spoon theory uses spoons to represent energy units. Some days, we wake up with more, but most days, we have less than the average person. It explains what it is like for those without chronic conditions to consider day-to-day activities carefully or end up in pain. Every spoon counts. Some days, we wake up and have to choose between clean clothes or clean hair. Our pain doesn't allow for more. Spoon Theory explains the challenges we face to just get through the day.

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We feel like shadows of ourselves, telling everyone we are "good" or "fine" when it's taken everything we have just to show up. Our lives are a daily invisible battle and can be so isolating. Pain impacts you physically, mentally, and emotionally. We find ourselves with fewer spoons and less control.

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Spoonie Mom Wellness was designed out of love from my battle with fibromyalgia. My program provides techniques to reverse symptoms. Rather than address chronic pain symptoms, we focus on the root cause. We work to find stability and build from there. Are you ready to transform your life? 

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I focus on empowering women with the tools to find more energy to do the things they love. Spoonie Mom Wellness is backed by research, created out of experience, and shared with a passion to help other women feel better. More than resources, it's a community for women to be understood and encouraged through chronic pain to find a better way. 

A Spoonie Mom Membership gives you exclusive access to yoga and movement videos, meditation videos, weekly newsletter, and area to connect with other women.

It's FREE to join!



Are you tired of feeling stuck in pain? Let's talk! I have been there and I'm ready to show you the way forward. You don't have to go it alone. Yes, it's possible to regain your health and have more energy to show up every day for the people you love, and yourself!

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