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I know changing your diet can be daunting. It can be overwhelming, especially when we have chronic symptoms to contend with. Not to mention, most of us don’t want to stop eating the things that we love.But I am here to tell you, my Spoonie friends, it’s one of the best things you can do for your health.


Nutritious food has no substitute. Unfortunately, I am not one of those who heeded the advice when I should have. It took nearly five years to fully commit to changing my diet. It takes support, dedication, and, most of all, grace. I am here now to be your person through the ups and downs of converting to whole foods. Some of you may have been a whiz in the kitchen, while others may not have shopped in the produce department of a grocery store- ever.


Wherever you find yourself, my recipes are for you. Let’s face it; most of us deal with limited energy, pain, fatigue, reduced mobility, and a slew of other challenges that make cooking a meal difficult. The recipes featured below are no-nonsense, low-energy, big-flavor dishes that will have you feeling better without taking over your life.


Most importantly, they are family-approved!

Spoonie Nutrition

There are many, many diet recommendations out there for fibromyalgia relief. It can be overwhelming. What’s best? Keto, Mediteraean, Paleo, Vegan, lo-carb, no grain, ancient grain, intermittent fasting, etc. You get my point and you probably are dying to know my answer.


Here it is: it depends. What nutrition science does say is that prioritizing nutrient-dense food helps fuel your body best. The focus should be on the overall quality of your diet rather than specific macronutrients.


Many of us with fibromyalgia or other chronic conditions suffer from inflammation, and poor dietary habits can increase it. But the good news is good nutrition can heal.


Your body can also help provide clues as to what it needs. If your digestive system is highly reactive, you can start with the autoimmune protocol detailed here and help identify problematic foods (dairy, sugars, alcohol, gluten-containing grains, or all grain products). My recipes will always provide nutritional information and subsititutions for common inflammatory foods such as grains or dairy.


Most recipes are anti-inflammatory, low-glycemic, and are plant and protein-based. Research supports the effectiveness of an anti-inflammatory, low-glycemic, plant-based diet on health issues common to Spoonies. Anti-inflammatory diets can:

Prevent & Reduce Depression

A meta-analysis of over 11 studies on inflammation and depression found you were 1.5 times more likely to suffer from depression on a pro-inflammatory diet.

Decrease Pain

A study on pain found that anti-inflammatory diets are key to reducing chronic pain.

Support Neuroplasticity

Neuroplasticity is the brain's ability to change, very important for nervous system issues. Research shows flavonoids found in natural sources actively support neurogenesis in the central nervous system. Adding exercise increases the effectiveness.

Increase Energy Levels

Diets high in refined carbohydrates (the typical American diet) can cause energy crashes. Protein and high fiber foods provide sustained energy.

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Spoonie Recipes

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