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Need More Support than Membership?

Pain and fatigue result from an overactive nervous system that continually sends to the brain "red flags", placing the body in full reaction mode to protect it. These red flags, in turn, control our bodily reactions and responses. When any system in the body gets overwhelmed, it begins to malfunction. These malfunctions create chain reactions and reinforce the need for the "red flags". Helpful, becomes unhelpful. Sometimes this occurs suddenly as in a reaction to an illness or accident, or for others it's slowly over time. Regardless of how it began, together we can create a plan to address the root.

Using lifestyle medicine that addresses the whole body in a supportive environment allows you to transform your life. We must learn how to change our reactions, regulate the nervous system, create a supportive environment, and maintain a detailed plan for healing. This is a lot to manage for someone struggling with a chronic illness or pain. I have found this true for myself and countless others, so maximize your health with chronic pain—a program designed for your unique needs that gets you moving forward and out of the flare cycle.


To get you feeling better as soon as possible!


Starting with a free initial consultation, we shine some light on your unique needs and develop a plan to get your chronic pain and fatigue under control. Additionally, we address other health issues and goals, understanding that you are a whole person, not a health condition.

While your current life may not be what it was before you were diagnosed, there's a new version possible that might just be the best yet. While group classes and an at home practice are great, an individualized, comprehensive plan is the best option for those who are committed to finding better health. Utilizing all modalities we design a wellness plan and learn new ways to reverse the pain cycle and feel better. Schedule your free 15 minute consultation today to find out more!

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