My Story

Ten years ago, I was extremely unhealthy, unhappy, and searching for answers. Leaving an unhealthy marriage with two toddlers and little more than a prayer to my name, it wasn’t long into my divorce proceedings when the pain, fatigue, and system shutdown began. It took a slew of other symptoms, several specialists, and over two years before the fibromyalgia diagnosis. Finally, at the end of his rope, my primary care doctor handed me a single info sheet titled “Living with Fibromyalgia” and said he was sorry. Despite the overwhelming sense of hopelessness, I vowed to regain my health. I began to research, track my symptoms and commit to change. I devoted my life to healing.

Over the next 8 years, I worked hard to completely restructure my life and myself. My thought patterns, posture, habits, goals, and outlook changed. I developed systems to optimize my life and learn a new, happier, peaceful, stable existence. I made significant life decisions, started investing in my health, set boundaries, and continued to work on loving myself. These shifts freed up the space to pursue my greatest dream of helping others overcome their most significant challenges. I wanted to be the person I wish I had when I felt my worst.












In 2017, I met the love of my life and was driven to return to school for my BS to learn more about psychology and health. I became a certified yoga instructor and took several adjunct health, psychology, and nutrition courses during that time. In the past four years, I have not only put my fibro into remission, but I feel better than I did 25 years ago. I believe everyone can find a healthier existence, and there isn’t anything I find more rewarding than helping others find success and empowerment to improve their life.


Do not let the obstacles become stopping blocks. Believe me when I say, regaining your health and finding balance is possible. I created Spoonie Mom to educate, empower, and guide you through changing behaviors that will have lasting benefits. Typically, there will be many areas of your life that need tending and improve your overall health. It’s a journey! You will find a host of topics (link to blog main page) and tools (link to store) on my site. If you need a little extra support, fill out my form for a free consultation for my one-on-one coaching sessions. Space is limited. Don’t forget to subscribe to get my free weekly newsletters here, and for a peek into my life, check me out on social media.

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My Philosophy

I believe deeply in the Positive Psychology philosophy pioneered by Dr. Martin Seligman that emphasizes an individual's strengths and optimizes one's potential within their community. Rather than focus on flaws or disorders, attention is paid to the capacity to improve and influence our situations and states of being.

Creativity, optimism, and strengthening self-efficacy move an individual from the victim-mentality to feeling capable, in control, and able to overcome previously thought to be unchangeable conditions. Learning to internally motivate, direct, and drive your choices begin the pathway to a healthy life. It is not about accomplishment but learning to shift into a more fulfilling state of existence. Regaining health and feeling better is possible for anyone with fibromyalgia.

My Goal

To provide you with:

Encouragement that things can improve

Empowerment to manage your conditions

Education and support to do so.

May the yoga and meditation videos explicitly created with Spoonies in mind give you power, love, and a deeper connection with yourself.

May my blogs provide you with inspiration, hope, and information.

May my recipes give you a source of recipes that are geared for the Spoonie Mom

May my support assist you on your journey to better health

Together we create lasting changes that revolutionize your life and help you regain control of your health.

My Style

Healing is multi-faceted and comes from within. I give you many tools and teach you to discover your individual health and happiness. Take what you need, leave what you don't. The inspiration comes from many tears and days spent looking for a practice that would help and not hurt; that didn't leave me feeling inadequate. I use a lot of metaphors. Just like in meditation, visualizing helps strengthen concepts. I also try to incorporate expert advice and give you references for further exploration. This is your journey. You are the guide. I am simply here to give you possibilities and strength.

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