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Kids with Capes

Maximizing your efforts as a parent leads to a happier way of life for you and your children. Often, the simple strategies that help us become more productive can be adapted to create a positive, healthy household. Start with Positive Parenting Strategies, you will find tools to quickly correct areas in your parent-child relationship. Establishing strong mind-body connections at a young age is one of the best gifts you can give your child. In the Health & Wellness area, you will find creative methods to make fitness fun. Need some ideas for ways to keep your children away from screens? The Entertaining Projects section is full of cheap, easy projects with this Spoonie Mom in mind.

Mother and Son

Positive Parenting Tips

When you have a chronic illness, parenting can become overwhelming. Learning how to adjust your expectations and effectively communicate with your child makes life easier for everyone. In the section, you'll find helpful strategies for a peaceful, positive home.

Image by Ben White

Health & Wellness Activities

Helping your child to develop healthy habits early in life helps decrease their odds of poor health later in life. In this section, you will find fun, family-friendly ideas to get moving, de-stress, and have fun. Prioritizing your child's wellness with your own creates a supportive home. 

Art Class

Entertaining Projects

Electronics are quickly becoming the only activity for children at home. With fatigue and pain, it is hard to think of other ways to entertain them. This section offers easy ways for children to have fun, be creative, and take a break from screens. Everyone can join in for family fun!  

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