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Spoonie Warrior


A 9-month Healing Transformation Opportunity

for Women with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain

No Spoons left? Only Knives?

Are you constantly in pain, unable to get through your day?

Are you ready to feel radically better?

Get ready to try something radically different.

Created by someone who knows.

Join me and a limited group of other women as we journey to the other side of pain and fatigue, where you regain control of your health. A science-based, comprehensive program to completely reform your life.

Are you tired of sitting on the sidelines at the mercy of your chronic pain and fatigue?

The Spoonie Warrior Program is for you.

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All you have to do is log in. 

I know how hard it can be to commit when you have chronic pain and fatigue that is so unpredictable. That's why I'm meeting you where you are, even if it's in bed. The Spoonie Warrior Program is designed to adapt to your individual needs and fluctuate with you. It's support the way you need it, designed to give you back control.  

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Spoonie Warrior Program Transforms

To Master Chronic Pain and Fatigue

Why A Warrior?

Above all, a Warrior is balanced. They possess strength, courage, skill, and the wisdom to know when and how to approach a battle. Living with fibromyalgia and chronic pain is a war. A war that is thrust upon you, and you can choose to face it or run and admit defeat.


Since you are here and still reading, I’m guessing you fight the good fight.

I commend you for that. It’s not easy to show up every day.

A warrior is skilled because they are dedicated. They are intentional, reflective, patient, and resilient. And even with all this individual power, a warrior knows they are stronger when fighting with support rather than alone.

This is not to say that each warrior has no internal quest to face alone. We each have a unique journey that landed us where we are today. It is a story of battles, love, pain, proud moments, and sometimes deep regret. We must learn to honor and respect where we come from and know that we are all unique in our experiences, but we feel the same. Feeling is human.

Love is universal. Which, therefore, means suffering is also universal. Change is inevitable. It's what’s known in philosophy as a universal truth. Regardless of any connection, statements hold true, like a mathematical equation. Given these truths, we can count on experiencing change, love, and suffering. To have the best experience possible, we must learn to live and let go, flowing through both skillfully.  You will learn how to manage pain, fatigue, and future challenges to maintain health. These skills are yours forever.

Healing is a science and art that requires the spirit of experimentation and curiosity. Too often, we judge, criticize, and ultimately hurt ourselves. A warrior learns to accept and see the challenge before them, considering all perspectives and possibilities. Joining the exclusive community of other Spoonie Warriors allows you access to a private space to chat in between sessions. You are no longer alone! 

MIND-BODY-SPIRIT MEDICINE- Exploring the connection to lifestyle 

You can’t treat the body, mind, and spirit individually, but true success comes with addressing them symbiotically, interwoven, inter and intra-connected. Not mutually exclusive.

Over 9 months, we will work and support all areas while spending time focusing on each area in detailed modules, broken down into easy-to-follow videos, prompted notes, and guided self-work to customize the Spoonie Warrior Program to your individual needs.


We will work from the ground up, inside out, and from tangible to intangible. Rewiring, transforming, and uplifting you out of pain and fatigue.

The journey alone, bouncing from one treatment to the next, shooting arrows in the dark, can wear you and those around you down. And can cost many years, dollars, and precious energy. It can make you give up.

If that’s where you are, I urge you to schedule a free Discovery Call with me. Just fifteen minutes of your time. I see you. I’m here for you. I was you.


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